31 January, 2008

Hillary's YouTube

There was a YouTube link from Michelle Malkin's Website. There is a place for comments. I wrote a question, asking if she would open her records at the white house to prove her experience. It was not posted. This is not censorship, but does reveal The Truth about Hillary and her crowd.

Reminds me of a Football coach we played for several years. The first year they beat us 44-0. Our team had just 12 players, but they all enjoyed just playing. We learned sportsmanship, hard work and honesty. The next year we beat them by about 4 points. After the game, they were cheering!? The coach had convinced them that they had won (the scoreboard was not working). The next year they did not field a team. I asked him why he had no team (both schools had about the same attendance numbers). He said that we had different philosophies. I have never forgotten his reply. In other words, either beat your opponent by a big score, try to fool yourself and others that you have won, or simply not participate.

Hillary's YouTube!