23 March, 2007


I recently had the opportunity to interview a former slave of the USSR. He was forced to be a pathologist. Now he would like to care for the living! I asked him if he ever heard of Walter Duranty. He said no. I prompted him about how the NYT writer covered over the deaths of 7,000,000 Ukranians. He replied, "the former government did a good job of covering over all our past history for those seventy years." Sergey lives in Belgorad-Dnestrovsky, Ukraine. Here is the Church being rebuilt -->

During an audio-visual presentation the following statement was made: "The Atheists bulldozed all the churches" I paid particular attention to that statement. Someone outside may have said, "The Communists bulldozed all the churches." This is what I have read about in other countries.

Where is the tolerance?


Total Communist evil and brutal control. This is what could happen in the USA if we do not maintain eternal vigilance.

17 March, 2007

Serve at the pleasure of the President of the United States

This week we have once again, moral inequality. Even the term "fired" was heard. The eight U. S. Attorney's could have been relieved of their duties four to six years ago. When someone's contract is not renewed, that person is not fired. Their contract is not renewed. Teachers work on a yearly contract. In South Carolina, the first two years were probationary; then next three were provisional, and after that, some due process is necessary to not renew a contract.

The Moral inequality comes from at least one Attorney who apparently has refused to consider the death penalty for terrorists.
This has been passed by congress. Voted on.

A pharmacist was dismissed for not providing a death penalty drug to a woman in California. The child in her womb is innocent. A terrorist who is tried and convicted is guilty of killing innocent civilians. Where is the moral equivalency?