31 August, 2009

Trump Cards

Finally. A victory for integrity and responsibility.

An affirmative action hire has been fired!

I am referring to the incompetent egotist who sent 40+ men and women into the war zone in Mosul, Iraq without our chemical warfare suits and personal bags. We lived out of the clothes on our backs for three (3) weeks. Our defenses were left in Kuwait.

He drove around in an NTV (Non Tactical Vehicle) -- A Honda Pilot with various young girls, passing us by on the dusty roads of Mosul Air Base.

He finally met his match in the trump card of sexual harassment I have recently been told. It has been five years since his incompetence was on display for all to see. An Air Force Lt Col at that.

Now maybe, just maybe we can fire the "Al's, the Tony's, the Roy's" of the world who put people's lives at risk so some socialist can put his or her theory on the altar of social experimentation.

The bottom line of "Diversity Training" --- Hire those who are competent, not based on skin color or pre-selection.