29 October, 2007

Not dodging bullets in Iraq

Standing next to me in Mosul, Iraq is a real hero. I will call him Ahmed. He risked his life and that of his family to work on the Air Base there. He gave me his medal that Sadam gave him in 1988 when they "won" their war with Iran. In actuality, no one won, but about 2.1 Million soldiers were killed. There is no account of how many civilians were killed, but perhaps some liberals might want to look into that question.

The Truth: Twice in the last month, shots have been fired at a small coffee shot-type restaurant that I go to chat with some men my own age. Several large windows have been replaced and the last time, a bullet hole could clearly be seen. This is in America! Not Iraq!! See the link below:

Neal's challenge to Bill Kristol

Mr. Kristol's magazine article

Linked on the dots above are Michael Yon's first hand observations.

I will not attend Neal's funeral if he were to be caught in the crossfire here, or in: East St. Louis, Detroit, Oakland, anywhere in Los Angeles, NYC, Chicago, Atlanta, Cleveland (cabbage hill) or numerous US Cities including our own "green zone" in Washington, D. C.

Not once while in a war zone in Mosul, Iraq did I see evidence of small arms fire in over four months there. That is The Truth.