31 August, 2010

Telling The Truth

Children tell The Truth.
They do not lie unless taught to do so by someone who forces them to.

Recently one of the mainstream media TV networks attempted to imply that racism exists because children point to the darker skinned profile when asked the question, "who misbehaves in class, who is bad"

Also recently I had the opportunity to observe first hand the answer to the above question. The darker skinned five year old was the one who bullied the other students in class, unprovoked.

Honestly, when asked, those bullied students correctly identified the student--who happened to have darker skin.

What causes this behavior by darker complexion people in the USA? Perhaps that previous behaviors in 1964: burning down buildings, carjackings, muggings, etc were not punished.

On top of that, around the same time, husbands were banned from houses so that "single mothers" could collect welfare.

When no father is present, mostly boys and now girls lack that positive example; are shown immorality and are taught bad behaviors.