31 December, 2006

Tale of three lives

1. Ex-entertainer and singer
2. Ex-President of the United States of America
3. Ex-President of Iraq

Of the three, one was an Eagle Scout, maintained the highest level of integrity while serving as President of the USA and had served honorable in our MIlitary. The liberals attempted to discredit him and one commedian tried to paint him as a 'klutz'. He was far from uncoordinated, having played for The University of Michigan.

The remaining two. One was worse than Hitler and Stalin and much more directly involved with his sadistic tortures.
The first one mentioned reflects a lifestyle of drugs, sex and rock and roll. His fourth "partner" was still married to another.

Who we honor reflects what we are.

25 December, 2006

Christians are free in Iraq

UPDATE: Iran (the larger country) has "rounded up" 14 allegedly Christian converts. The penalty is DEATH. Compare this to the mild persecution encountered by Christians in Iraq. Link: http://michellemalkin.com/archives/006676.htm

Unlike some other "Muslim" countries, Christians are not hunted down and killed in Iraq. That is one thing that our valiant efforts have done. Some other countries kill Christians for merely believing in Jesus Christ. This linked story above helps to make the sacrifices of our brave military all worth it.

Merry Christmas ! (and happy new year)

18 December, 2006

out there

Recently, I had an opportunity to reacquaint with an old friend. We talked about once a month before I retired. She and I shared many similar beliefs and values. Today's Truth is about the value of family. Similarly to that strong bond that got the Hungarians through their many years of slavery to the USSR and communism, families in the United States have gotten those families that stayed together through difficult times.

The Truth came when she said that many grandparents "in her community" were still trying to be out there , instead of instilling family values to their grandchildren, including, but not limited to Christian values and work ethic.

If we could keep the federal government out of our schools, out of our families and our lives, we would not only survive, but prosper and have a happy, rich life.

08 December, 2006

21 Homeless criminals

The arrest of 21 homeless people in our city of Columbia, SC recently had certain people reacting in typical liberalize language.

"Oh those poor homeless people." and "leave them alone."

The City of Columbia opened two shelters and even provides transportation now.

The fact that when compared to wanted lists and found 21 of those staying at a shelter designed for about 100 tells us somethng. That something is that many homeless are criminals. They are trying to hide from the law, and need to be taken off the streets. Now if only we could do that with illegal aliens.

We do not need to shelter criminals. They need to be prosecuted and serve their time in a jail. Doing otherwise is wrong.

I have no problem with sitting down and serving homeless lunches. I have done it in the past. I invite anyone to debate this.