24 February, 2006

Children do not lie

----Until they are corrupted by others.

Recently the ACLU and other communist organizations have been re-publishing accusations of mistreatment of some fringe characters. The liberal media abets in their tactics. What you don't see published are pictures like the above. These children in Iraq know who the heroes are. They are not afraid of the Captain's M-16. He did not give out candy that day. This was not a "photo op". It was spontaneous. There are thousands like it. Take a look at Michael Yon's blogspot linked on the left. An excerpt of how the terrorists use the media:

From Michael Yon’s Battle for Mosul IV on http://michaelyon.blogspot.com/

“The insurgents and criminals brushed aside the entire Mosul police force with what amounted to a loud bark and a stiff backhand. When they attacked two stations, 4-West and 6-West, killing about half a dozen officers in each, the police on duty frantically radioed that hundreds insurgents were storming the stations.When the Americans arrived within the hour, they estimated the attacking force consisted of only twenty to thirty enemy fighters at each station. It was not a long or particularly hard battle to recover the stations, but what made the news lead that day was the Mosul police abandoning their stations.To an enemy in need of assets, a press that is increasingly disengaged is like an empty car with keys in the ignition--begging to be stolen. How the keys came to be left in the car, and how the inevitable theft managed to go unreported are questions for a different dispatch. To really understand the dynamics of the Battle for Mosul, it suffices to say the enemy started with a media advantage that they continue to exploit even now.Insurgent leaders must have spent hours watching western television, particularly news broadcasts. They planned attacks that would create dramatic footage for the nightly news, and in many cases, they provided the camera crew and made the footage available for streaming and downloads on the internet. In light of their other recent media victories, the enemy felt ready to take on the Americans in Mosul.”

I ask each one of you reading this blog: Are you aiding or abetting the enemy? Are you corrupting our children? Are your words helping or hurting our Global War On Terrorism?

22 February, 2006


Here are some more interesting perspectives:

Government: If a terrorist his strapped up, we have information that she is planning on killing thousands in a mall and is walking to the mall now, is it murder or execution if we remotely explode the bombs prematurely, killing only that person?

Private: Premeditated murder. What is the appropriate consequence? Who should decide the law? A judge or the people through their elected representatives?

Accidental killing involving negligence: For example, DUI, intentionally driving a car with known faulty brakes, not taking down a diseased tree leaning over a person's property.

Self-defense: The recent castle defense laws passed in several states: Should a person even be charged with manslaughter when he kills an armed person who has broken into a house at night?

18 February, 2006


We in the USA have once again been reminded of inappropriate treatment of prisoners. I was about to post pictures, but this issue has been exhaused the last time these pictures where published ---- see link on the word Torture above. Also see a good blog discussion with pictures on The Jawa Report: http://mypetjawa.mu.nu/archives/063369.php

There is a significant difference (a scientific term for a construct) between torture committed by communist, theocratic and just plain "strong men" regimes. Idi Amin dada comes to mind with his 50,000 bodies floating down the river.

So, lets begin a discussion instead when inhumane treatment or movements are considered "torturous". This should be interesting. Please excuse some of the possible simplistic contrasts--these are just to begin the discussion.

1. Ages of the individuals involved. Someone said in a blog that existing in feces is torture. "Parents" sometimes allow children to remain in this condition because of ignorance, or they are too busy watching TV, drinking or on drugs. Torture?

2. Can children torture? Remember the 5 year old dangled out the Chicago building, then let go to his death?

3. Can a person torture himself? Work long hours, climb a mountain in sub-zero temperatures? Compete in dangerous sport like boxing, football (american), or rugby? How about "running of the bulls"?

4. Is torture to be defined only between human beings? How about other animals? Can two animals torture each other?

5. Now for the issues of today: When, on the battlefield, does combat end, and the possibility of torture begin? Remember, captured enemy combatants are not "criminals", but interrupted enemy combatants.

6. Is it torture if no one ever finds out or the event is not reported?

7. Can torture be torture in one culture and not another. Which culture trumps?

All these and more questions are involved in the question. In addition, unfortunately, the definition has been used and is being used for political points by people like Senators Kennedy and Durban recently.

14 February, 2006

Drugs and personal responsibility

Using drugs does not absolve a person from his or her behavior.

When a person decides to use drugs, they also accept the fact that their behavior may be influenced by those drugs.

The Truth: I was in a jury pool of 400 for a high visibility murder trial here in South Carolina.
I was not on the selected jury that convicted and sentenced the three to death. The sentence was later converted to life in prison. The three abducted an innocent woman, tortured, raped and killed her. They were "on drugs" and had been drinking. Those facts combined with the race of the three was introduced during later appeals.

The S.C. Supreme Court later dismissed an appeal of Benjamin Anthony Joyner, one of three men convicted of killing University of South Carolina nursing student Barbara Lynn Bobbi Rossi in 1984.

Using drugs, including alcohol should not absolve a person or persons of personal responsibility.
In my opinion, they deserved the death penalty.

09 February, 2006

Einser Kanal


I implore you to read The Bridge at Andau by James Michener. Written in 1958, he documented the evils of communist with interviews of those crossing the Einser Canal.

I took an entire day to see if what Mr. Michener had written and foretold would happen. It did! A commemorative bridge was built by the Hungarians 40 years later. The trip was well worth it and I hope these pictures will entice anyone looking on this blog to read the book and relive with those brave Hungarians who battled Soviet Tanks in Budapest and endured the graphic Torture rooms. Beware, rated R.Another name is Eisner Kanal.

06 February, 2006

Anonymous flames

Well, I must have touched some nerves. I anticipated this eventuality. That is why I operate a moderated blog. There are quite a few uneducated fanatics out there. Several attempted to post unsubstantiated, irrational posts including bad language.
I have no problem with a debate based on facts, or even a few opinions and beliefs, but what some in the general public do is:
1. use humor to discredit facts and The Truth
2. use "known" (actually unknown and unproven) facts to rebuff an assertion
3. threaten or bluster
4. discredit all facts with conspiracy theories
5. when confronted with irrefutable facts, duck with statements like, "a complete fabrication".

I welcome debate, but try to support your objection(s) with a few facts please.

01 February, 2006


I recently updated the wikipedia definition. If homophobia is fear of homosexual behavior, then heterophobia should be:

fear of heterosexual behavior or relations with the opposite sex.


For those who think that somehow "homosexuality" is genetic, please read the link associated with the dots and the title.

Children were raped and forced into the homosexual lifestyle and behavior. See link below.


It is past time to put this mostly political movement on notice. The people have voted.

Here is a new definition. I will confront these activists with heterophobia whenever they bring up homophobia.