28 December, 2008

The new special self-selected minority

A few weeks ago as I drove onto Interstate 26 eastbound, I noticed the right lane a bit slower than normal. Following behind a seemingly new automobile, I noticed a few bumper stickers and began reading them from a comfortable distance behind and noticed the speed--about 40-45 MPH. The minimum speed there is 45 MPH.

That is when it started. The man held out his left hand and extended his thumb in the direction of the middle lane. I was trying to pass, but a line of cars were already in that lane passing the slower cars (mine and his).

Finally, I had an opening and passed. I looked in his direction and he held up a sign on his left window something like:

"Read up on the minimum distances between cars"

Now this guy must have had that sign for quite some time. He may even have a few others. Here we go..........

Yet another "special protected minority" wanting more "rights" than the general population.

For his information, here are the printed South Carolina Highway rules-- Quote:

The important thing to do (on an interstate highway) is to drive with the flow of the traffic at all times....and
The slowest speed you may normally travel on an interstate is posted. Sometimes, especially when the weather is good and traffic is light, even this can be too slow. Most important, drive with the flow of traffic as long as the traffic is not exceeding the posted speed limit.

If you read this, mr self-selected, you were the one violating the rules of the road in South Carolina. (his tag was from some northern state), may have been Wisconsin.

There are no specific distances printed in our South Carolina Driver's Manual.

Have any of you encountered this guy or another like him driving intentionally slow, advertising some "hybrid" automobile?