22 October, 2006

Islamic Facist fanatics are *mind bombs*

I have waited a while between posts to make another point. Some people have short memories. Some have forgotten 9/11.

My son and I just saw "Flags of our Fathers" yesterday. The Fanatic japanese were on display again as they were in the movie "The Great Raid". The japs were drived by a 1,000 year religion. Islamic fanatics by a 1,000+ year religion. Both groups blew themselves up in suicide attacks. Both groups committed attrocities, mutilation and torture. Both groups hid and hide behind some type of religious fervor.

During WW II, and the Iwo Jima assault, our press was on our side. In the GWOT, most of our press is on the side of our enemy, especially CNN that reportedly has broadcast attacks on our own Soldiers. Their actions remind me of some words Joseph Stalin used: not "useful idiots", but misplaced naive, misguided at best, and "helpful traitors" at worst.

Recently, Thomas L. Friedman published on 18Oct06 this year comparing certain people to with an Iraqi version of the Tet offensive. [see link in the dots above] Remember Dan Rather, Walter Chronchite and Walter Duranty? One accepted obviously false, manufactured documents in an attempt to manipulate the 2004 election. The next Walter changed our victory during Tet to a defeat by influencing the average American, at the time monopolized by the old NBC/CBS/ABC networks. The third sold his soul and seven (7) Million plus Ukranians for an interview with a bank robber and mass murderer.
Walter Duranty

The enemy, Islamic Facists have displayed fanaticism close to the JAPS for WW II, who to this day, have not even acknowledged their Rape of Nanking

UPDATE: And here is a video link: http://www.metacafe.com/watch/335129/the_nanking_massacre_it_did_happen/

Will our upcoming election on 7 November 2006 be determined by citizens who have been misled by CNN? or do we have longer memories, long enough to remember September 11, 2001?

11 October, 2006

No monopoly on morals

In The State Newspaper, Page A7 Commentary by Leonard Pitts Jr. "No political party has monopoly on morals." I agree.
But the Republican Party disciplines, or does something about those who break the mores of their party.
The Democrats allow killers to remain in office, the allow actual rapist to remain in office, and those who have actual physical sexual contact with teenagers to remain.

Republicans resign in disgrace because they have a conscience that means a moral compass telling them what is right and what is wrong. The social democrats, like the communists have no such direction. The communists, as some of us will remember, made Religious practice and churches illegal in the USSR, similarly the ACLU would like to do the same, supported by the social democrats.

Mr. Pitts tried to equate killing a person to sending an instant message to a same sex person, aged 18. Similarly, the ACLU attempts to equate dropping a drop of water on a book to chopping the head off a person. I have confidence in the present majority in the USA that they will continue to be able to discriminate between the two.

Mr. Pitt's email is: lpitts@miamiherald.com

04 October, 2006

angry liar

Charles Krauthammer, on Fox News recently, correctly identified Bill Clinton as an "angry liar". The first time was the Monica Lewinsky denial/lie, and the second was the evasion that he had, on numerous occasions, the opportunity to direct the killing or apprehension of UBL. One Keith Alderman of MSNBC delivered about a ten minute triade in his attempt to twist the truth, and in so doing, completely exposed himself to be the BIASED anchor that he is. His shameful reference to the movie 1984 which was about communism completed the sleezy piece in which he concluded with something to the effect of 'good luck'. No, mr. alderman, we patriots in the US do not depend on luck, we defend our country and way of life with hard work and The Truth, something this ex-president is completely unfamiliar with ----->
The Truth: There were only a handful of times that my students a parent (when any showed up) got upset PC for angry, legally combative, guilty of assault. That was when I told them The Truth of what their "child" had done while at school. The same type of "blustering" that my middle school students exhibited was exhibited by Bill Clinton when he denied having a sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky. This led many mothers to have to explain to their teenage daughters what oral sex was. He should also be charged with contributing to the delinquency of minors. The Truth hurts, but it is The Truth.