29 January, 2007

The man who would not be king

I may see "The last king of Scotland".
Finally, The Truth is shown on the big screen of a BAD Black Man, (a negro) who lived in Africa, namely, Idi Amin. He was the ruthless dictator of the African nation of Uganda throughout much of the 1970s. He was responsible for tens of thousands brutally murdered much like Hitler, and other African kings who sold their own people into slavery, as some still do even today. This exposure has been a long time coming. Forest Whitaker who I first noticed in "Goodmorning Vietnam" should be congratualted for bringing this slaughter to light. No more whitewashes!

Now, in contrast to the above, the Man who would not be king was: Our first President of the USA, George Washington.

On the Ides of March, 1783, he rebuked Alexander Hamilton's suggestion that he use the army he commanded to victory and take control--becoming a king. A dumbfounded King George III proclaimed him "the greatest character of the age."

George Washington was the founder of our country: a man of integrity, reverence to God, loyalty to our new country and the benchmark for all succeeding presidents. February 22nd is his birthday. Contrary to popular opinion, no act of Congress or order by any president has changed Washington's Birthday to "Presidents Day."

Think of The man who would not be king during this long presidential primary season.

21 January, 2007

Right of self defense

UPDATE: The following week, this guy <----- has been arrested after "alledgedly" raping a young woman near the USC campus. He, like this other guy has a long string of prior arrests and at least one conviction. Unlike the three accused Duke Lacrosse players, I will not "demand his confession", but will wait for a trial and see what the evidence shows and wait for a jury of his peers to judge him. The only comment is the title of this post, namely, the woman, or anyone else, should have the option to use deadly force to defend themselves from personal attack and/or threat of death.
The link to the story is here:
(DNA evidence links 24-year-old to Maxcy Gregg Park rape)

Above is the link to the front page story on 17Jan07.
and another: http://www.wistv.com/global/story.asp?s=5942137

Woman praised for foiling robbery. This guy --->
is wanted in about ten robberies in the last month!

The silly piece of the story are five suggestion if you
are robbed. None include SHOOT the criminal !

Thank goodness we have a strong castle defense law in our state.
As well as a right to carry: http://magyartruth.blogspot.com/2006/06/right-to-carry.html
Otherwise, the ACLU, JJ and Al would be trotting down here accusing the victims of "racial profiling" or something as silly as that.

14 January, 2007

Communist at the "peace rally"

Yesterday, at "the fountain" -- a place in 5-Points -- City of Columbia, a group of about twenty-five individuals gathered to "protest" the Commander In Chief's decision to support our commanders with boots on the ground for an additional 21,500 troops. Unlike during the Vietnam conflict, there is no draft. Everyone serving in the military has been a volunteer since 1975.

I took a few minutes to see what this was about. Who did I bump into? A communist. He was dressed up in an old Boy Scout Uniform with a 1957 National Jamboree Patch like this one.

I went to Charles L. Sommers Wilderness High adventure canoe base instead, that year. I loved it. At one point, we were five days and about 50 portages away from the nearest civilization . This was at a time before cell phones also!

Back to the man dressed up like Lennin. He had the special cap with the large red star. Our conversation went like this:

Me: Hey, Is that your Boy Scout Uniform? I recognized the National Jamboree Patch?
Him: No, It was my father's.
Me: Well, I see you have a Lithuanian name tape on the uniform too.
Him: Yes, my dad came from there.
Me: Joseph Stalin took over the Baltic States during WW II. What does that red star on your hat represent?
Him: Oh, nothing.
Me: Well, thanks for the conversation, have a nice day

Now, I suppose that He realized that the communist outfit represented the same gang that took over his father's country and realized how indefensible it was to support the communists who killed many of his father's neighbors. I too, remember dressing up in cowboy and indian outfits as well as Yankees vs. Confederates and "war games" played around our neighborhood. As I grew up, went to College and studied history, I realized that some of these games were played for keeps and many people died. Joseph Stalin had about 100,000,000 people murdered. Communism is evil. I wish I had more time to converse with the man who may be a little disillusioned about the romanticism of the "reds."

I did not see ANSWER people there, but did talk to a Vietnam Veteran draftee who served two years in the Army' s Airborne divisions. I asked him if we were to leave Iraq, would he support our deployments to the other 74 locations including Somalia and Afghanistan.

He did not respond.

This is the crux of the "protest" -- they do not want the USA to defend itself.

I certainly invite debate on the substance of this post.

11 January, 2007

Illegal Aliens

No political correctness, just The Truth.

First, some facts: Michelle Malkin's link is above. The Washington Times' is here: "Criminal aliens set free on the streets of America." Full story is here: http://www.washtimes.com/national/20070109-122510-1365r.htm
Further: Two jurisdictions in the USA, namely the state or Oregon and the City of SanFrancisco (go figure) have official policy of a "sanctuary" for Illegal Aliens. They don't even recognize the criminals who snuck or were smuggled into our country. The UN wants all people to be "world citizens." How would you like to come home from work and find a group of people who broke into your house, ate the food in your refrigerator, and then you couldn't "evict" them?

Just recently, a "van of 14" was stopped for a traffic violation. The driver did not have: License--Registration--Insurance. These are asked of every driver in our state. If these Illegal Aliens are not required to have these documents, why should anyone else bother. Gee, we could all save the time and money!

The ACLU, the communist organization is threatening to take the Rhode Island trooper to court for escourting the "van of 14" to ICE.

Next month, I will renew my US passport. It is required for re-entry into the USA. If these 14 don't have a passport, entered our country illegally, then why should anyone go to the effort to get a passport?

Either we enforce our constitutional laws or we become what the ACLU wants us to become, namely a communist country. I hope the authorities have the courage and backing to take this all the way to the Supreme court and then it will be put up or shut up time. If we do not or can not enforce even our traffic laws, then we will have anarchy and communism.