28 September, 2009

Criminal Domestic Violence

This last week, after aligning work, two other people's schedules and materials, the weather cooperated and I was about to fly to fix a tire so an airplane could be 100% ready for times of natural disasters for the State of South Carolina.

When I arrived at my friend's house to pick up the last item, an inner tube, I was surprised to see three police cars outside his house.

Apparently, a man had just broken into my friend's house and physically attacked him. He was fortunate to escape without many injuries. He ran to a neighbor's house and dialed 911.

The police had the man. I waited.
and waited.

Then finally one car left, then another arrived. Apparently the man's mother. This crack-head was allowed to leave without handcuffs in a personal car.

This is why we have crimes. The police officer was way too lenient on the man. He even claimed to live in the same house and have domestic relations with my friend. A lie.

If the above were true, then he should have been handcuffed and thrown in jail on CDV -- Criminal Domestic Violence.

But no. He is treated like a child 40 years later. Forty years since 1969 when the Democrats passed laws throwing men out of the house so a woman could try to be a man and collect welfare.

This is the root cause of crimes. The Democrats social engineering. Disgusting, but real. A real story. I saw it with my own eyes.