30 May, 2006

Band of Brothers

The book and the mini-series.

This Memorial weekend I was drawn to the History Channel's airing of the DVD mini-series even though I have the full series myself. The honesty, and yes, The Truth that is told by ordinary soldiers in Steven Ambrose's book was a departure from the autobiographical types of World War II books that had been written up to this point. His book recalled verbally and in writing what the Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors, and Marines did to save democracy in 1944. Several of the combat veterans are still alive and were filmed with their verbal histories. One I was glad to see was then, Lt. Winters.

If anyone has not seen this, I recommend it and would like a few comments from veterans and others. I attended my first memorial post-retirement at the American Legion I have joined on Memorial Day. Most in attendance were from WW II, Korea and the Vietnam Era.

24 May, 2006

The Facts

Classic. This Jefferson person who is a Democrat has been caught--legally--with a judges approval, red handed with FBI cash in his freezer. Today, when asked about the facts, he tried to spin the question to this: My lawyers will determine the facts!


Facts and Truth are universal. No PC this time. This accusation to be sure is a felony. It was not trumped up by a political prosecutor with an axe to grind. A swift trial is in order so that integrity can be restored to The People's House!

20 May, 2006

Iron Curtain

Here is the memorial Bridge at Andau in the foreground. It took about two hours to locate it, but we came by way of the Austrian side! Next time I go I'll approach from the Southern, Hungarian side.

In the background, you may be able to see a real fence, complete with guard towers and guards who shot to kill.

Those who have never read, heard about or seen the remenants of the iron curtain surrounding the communist USSR should educate yourselves. Communism is evil. Hungary has been free for almost 20 years now, but scars remain.

18 May, 2006

The Truth on NCIS and The Unit

These two Television shows are fiction, but...

This week on NCIS, in a period of a few minutes the following facts were mentioned: On Clinton's watch, the Khobar Towers with the Iranian connection, the "rockets into tents in the desert", 9-11.

On The Unit, the French were thoroughly fried. Their ineptitude and arrogance along with the UN was exposed. They were called frogs, which is analogous to calling Jews kykes, Germans krouts, Negroes niggers, and Italians WOPS. The most arrogant even took pride in his heritage with Napoleon. The Unit had to capture a Serbian war criminal in Bosnia. The French let him slip away and The Unit had to kill all the criminals during a formal dinner! I am not sure what happened on CBS to allow this much Truth, but it was refreshing!

16 May, 2006

National Guard field training

After reading and listening to several national "newsmen" stumble around speculating on what the role of the National Guard is and finally reading the details in the last paragraph in our newspaper, I feel obligated to explain what their role will be.

The National Guard will take up a supporting role of technical communications and construction.
This will be on a mostly voluntary basis and part of the already obligated "days and dollars" for their annual field training, formerly known in the 1970s as "summer camp". This will in no way reduce the availability of units for federal use in OEF/OIF missions in Afghanistan or other locations, nor homeland defense such as an act of God. They will be under Title 32 and therefore the various State Governors through their Adjutant Generals will command their forces.

11 May, 2006

Republican states are safer

During a conversation with a "Meg" on another blog, she was "screaming" that the STATISTICS show "blue states" were safer and had less crime. Various people stated instances to counter her, so I finally devoted about one hour to settle the issue. No reply yet from "meg". (of course) Liberals are long and loud on accusations, but do not know how to discuss facts, nor even acknowledge them. So, here is part of the conversation and the results:

For a good comparison of crime per capita, how about
http://www.census.gov/prod/2001pubs/statab/sec05.pdf ? Am I correct in thinking that your contention is that "red states" have more crime per capita than "blue states"? Red states being those who voted for Kerry in 2004 and Blue states being those who voted for Bush. (yes)

OK, here are the results,using:http://faculty.vassar.edu/lowry/VassarStats.htmlfor two independent variables (means) from the 31 "Red States" vs. the 19+DC "Blue States" on Robbery. I was about to use the Murder rate, but the 1 superscript led to a definition [includes nonnegligent manslaughter]We should agree that nonnegligent means "accident". I can run some other numbers, as can any of you with an undergraduate statistics course. I do have two graduate courses on design and analysis. Mean (average per-capita [meg] Reds= 111.0323; Blues=170.65. The t-test calculated to -1.96 which equates to a .05 for a two-tailed test.
This is a significant difference! The direction is toward the Blues, which means that people who live in Red States are "safer" from robbery than those people living in Blue States. This scientific method can be replicated and I invite others to validate my results.

UPDATE:  Here is another study that appears to be scientific.  Any comments?


I invite comments and speculation on why conservatives, in general, are safer.

05 May, 2006

Good Morning Vietnam!

An interview with Adrian Cronauer. The real person, not the persona that Robin Williams created.
In the first edition of Valor, A publication of the National Vietnam Veterans Committee, Volume 1, Issue 1, James C. Roberts interviewed Adrian for the upcoming radio series, "Veterans Chronicles."

This revealing exchange reinforces what we have heard for years:
Adrian: Walter Chronkite went to Vietnam after the Tet Offensive and said that we were losing, which was a complete fabrication.

Not only does this fly in the face of the hollywood production, but adds just one more voice to identify this journalist as a defeatist as well as propagandist. Goodnight, Walter. You may never know how many people you killed with your misguided reporting. You are second only to Walter Duranty

03 May, 2006

Laws: gravity, supply and demand

There are several laws. Laws always apply. Except in outer space in a space capsule or except in a communist/socialist society where a government attempts to control prices or supply. When people are free to choose, supply and demand apply. Think about gasoline, medicines and education.

The Truth: I talked with several Canadians last week. They explained their "universal coverage" for medical procedures. Their utopian idea is that every single person should have access, equally to every medical procedure. This is a fine goal, but does not work in a free society. This is a forced trade of time for money. The problem is that some people have more time, and some people have more money. The society (former liberal Canadian government) made a forced choice for the people who live there: Time is more valuable than money and people have the same. This is not true. People should be able to work and use their money how they want to. The Canadians also said that people traveled south of their border to purchase medical procedures they choose not to wait for. The people decide what is best for them. The same answer should soon be available for education here in the USA.

01 May, 2006

Good and Evil personified -- United 93

See the movie, United 93.

It is sad to say, but some people probably need a refresher course in defining evil.
Some people do not acknowledge the difference. Many of these people are liberals.

You can see the effects of the 8 years of Clinton's demeaning of our military.
Our NORAD and Huntress centers were almost eliminated. Notice that the Chevy flight was not armed, but the warriors in the F-16s were ready to ram the hijacked aircraft.

To Clinton and his followers, the military's role was relegated to handing out food.

The evil enemy was personified well. We are fighting ignorant, brainwashed fanatics.
They are not much different than the JAPS of World War II. Another one was just found last week and indeed, one surrendered a few years ago. Can you imagine?!

Remember The Truth in the movie? A stewardess asks, two planes hit the WTC? Yes.