22 January, 2009

Proper Parents

During a recent vacation to Orlando, Florida, I was sitting on the edge of a fountain at a mall.

A family was sitting nearby. A man, his wife, and two children: one girl and a boy about aged 4, just about the same age as our grandson.

The boy wandered over to the fountain and put his hand on the spray, interrupting it and maybe a small drop landed in my direction.

The mother came over, talked to her son and led him in front of me. He apologized. My two sons were with me, but they did not notice this.

I said to the mother, "that is a good parent, thank you".

I wondered what percentage of the US population would do that.

Probably about 7%.

Any similar good stories?

On a sad note, I heard "whoopie's" comment: "most fathers took their 12 year old boys to prostitutes to introduce them to..."

Now I know why she is so demented. She may have been exposed to one of those "fathers" she was talking about, revealing her upbringing. Too bad she has to assume everyone else had the same childhood. I will say with honesty that my father certainly did not do that with me. I was "new" on my wedding day.