31 January, 2006

The people have spoken !

The final vote on Judge Alito's confirmation to the United States Supreme Court was 58 to 42.
The people have spoken!
It has been a long time coming. The courts of this nation have taken it upon themselves to morph into the legislature. That change went almost unnoticed by many until the last twenty or so years. It took another ten for people to get involved and elect a Republican majority in the People's House in 1993/94. The Senate was next, and finally the Executive. Our President has delivered on his promises to nominate judges, not legislators to the bench.
We have begun to take back our Constitution from activist judges.

29 January, 2006

Canadian Television Channels

A person challenged me on Fox News' assertion that their programming was not allowed on Canadian TV. I did a simple Yahoo search and what did I find?:

The term "Canadianization" is used by some Europeans as a metonym for their fear of the audience fragmentation new satellite technologies would bring to their orderly systems of state supported public service broadcasting. ----- see link above.

Canadians had a cornucopia of specialty channels on cable, albeit the mix was controlled by the CRTC (Canadian Radio and Television Commission).

It appears with only a two minute search that Canada CTV and CBC News have a state-controlled monopoly similar to the four channels exclusively available in Britain up to the 90's.

Please, a variety of replies from Canada to enlighten and tell The Truth.

26 January, 2006


Mr. Frey's A Million Little Pieces, classified as non-fiction by the NYT was a lie, broken by a blogger, the smoking gun--- see link above.

Oprah Winfrey finally has acknowledged The Truth.

The Truth: When I discovered that Lake Wobegon was fiction, I threw it in the trash. It amazes me how people can accept fiction for fact.

Or is it that certain people refuse to confront others on their veracity?

25 January, 2006


Canada has thrown out its liberals. It tried to cover up its corruption with censorship. Fox News and internet bloggers were censored. The liberals attempted to keep a free flow of information and dissent (speech only) from the public square.

They came close to being a completely socialist state and with censorship, approached communism.

I enjoyed visiting Canada in the 1980s, had not returned, but may now that they have addressed their problem.

24 January, 2006

Roger Tamraz

With much attention to a recent lobbyist, many have forgotten, or never heard of the one person who told The Truth about how to get then President's Clinton's attention, with cash money:

Heslin's handwritten notes of this conversation corroborate
Carter's recitation of the $200,000 and $400,000 figures and
his reference to President Clinton and McLarty.153
In fact, Carter himself admitted in his sworn deposition that
he had ``probably'' mentioned the $200,000 and $400,000 figures
to Heslin and that he must have said ``something to the effect
that there has been contributions made by Tamraz and more
contributions are considered by Tamraz, political
contributions.'' 154 ---- see link above...

I used Roger's name briefly in Health Class one day during the chapter on values. The story was in a newspaper in the High School Library. It generated much attention from one of the liberal principals! He was never interested in my class before.
I told the class, "your integrity is one thing no one can take away from you, unless you give it up! That is still true today.

23 January, 2006


My apology is offered.
In my haste and ignorance of setting up preferences, I selected bloggers only for comments. A nice, helpful person in my town pointed this possibility out. When I re-checked I discovered this restriction. If someone re-visits this site, please try again!

22 January, 2006

Waiting for The Truth

"Now i believe in what you say
Is the undisputed truth" -- Supertramp

I have decided to wait for more people to come forward with The Truth.

It is not that I couldn't present some great pictures and stark (german definition) words, but I think I will wait (like a Hungarian friend of mine said once) for a few more comments on the below articles. Either not many people have visited here, or they are afraid to comment. I may wait a week or more.

20 January, 2006

MLK for President

This is a good one, and apropos for this week. Martin Luther King's birthday on the 16th and Robert E. Lee's on the 19th.

The Truth:
This afternoon as I was waiting for my GSA car to be washed--required once a month, I saw a lady give her car-finisher-dryer person a tip of some bills. I thought that I really couldn't do that as this was not my car and really against policy.

As that person, who I will describe as a negro (as opposed to African-American) as you may decide later, indicated that the car was ready, he gestured me closer and said, (here it comes)--my thoughts raced\\\ ? a tip ? a ride ? how did I get the job, what?--"Let me ask you a question, I don't mean noth'in by this". I said, "OK, you can ask me anything."

"If Martin Luther King had not been shot in 1968, do you think he would have been President?"

Wow, was that out of the blue. He was about 30+ years old and stood by for my answer. I realized that I should answer in less than about two seconds, and he wanted an honest reply. There was quite a lot in his question.

How would you have answered?

My answer should be the first in the comments below. I hope to get a few more of yours. I realize that you will really be stepping out on this one, but this is The Truth.

19 January, 2006

The Public Education Problem

The Truth:
In the school district I taught in, only about 10% of the students had parents with the same last name. In Europe, about 95% of the students could say the same. When I visited schools in several countries there, one thing I noticed missing was–no lunchroom! Around noon or thereafter, I watched with amazement as almost every person walked home to eat lunch with one or both parents. They discussed progress so far. I saw this from the other side (at parent’s home) and noticed the love and attention they gave their children when they arrived. I doubt too many people reading this believe it.

Another answer to our US education problem would be the voucher, (an economic one). Dr. Milton Freedman addressed this some twenty years ago in his series on PBS (if you believe that) called “Free to Choose”. He said that if parents were free to choose their schools, then the outcome would be much better and more efficient. The reason this is not done is political. Many local Democrats (mostly) support the NEA-Union. The NEA-Union gives them back forced dues in exchange for legislation supporting their extortion of said agency fees or dues. The other reason is that some play the race card, saying that only the smarter (or richer) people would be smart enough to send their children to the better schools. Another try here in SC was for the income taxpayers to have a credit, or deduction. Then the opposition says that the “poor” (non-workers) would not have that option. Homeschooling has now been legal since around 1985 following the Amish Supreme Court ruling from the 70s. Independent schools, or community schools like we had in the 1800s have also been successful. Something has to be done to stop the communists from corrupting our children with liberal thinking and dumbing down to the lowest common denominator. The public schools discourage competition, learning and getting ahead, not to mention independent (or clear) thinking.

The last US census report showed NY, NJ and Washington DC with the highest per-pupil spending (see page xii in link). The other fact that most people do not know is the percentage of Federal - 7% ; State - 50% and Local - 43% of the operating expendatures (see page ix).

Anyone care to weigh in on this blog. I have seen similar questions on the blog-asphere.

18 January, 2006

Making on omelet by murdering millions of Ukranians

Following up on yesterday's post-- so there is no mistake, no parsing of The Truth:

"To put it brutally - you can't make an omelet without breaking eggs." Walter Duranty won the Pulitzer Prize for his series of dispatches from Russia, "especially the working out of the Five-Year Plan."

Reading two columns today, one about another death penalty proven correct by DNA in Virginia, and yet another anti-war letter, I offer a quote from a modern rock group, Rush:

If you choose not to decide, you still haven't [sung "have"] made a choice. [difference between printed and sung lyrics emphasizes *problematic* nature of free will in the face of the illusory nature of ego-power]You can choose from phantom fears and kindness that can kill;

We must have the intestinal fortitude to make the hard choices, tell The Truth, and stand by our convictions whether to shoot an attacking suicide Japanese plane, or a muslim terrorist. We must execute murderers (Tookie, or Roger Coleman in Virginia), stand up to dictators (Hitler, Stalin, Sadam) and realize that to do nothing is much worse than not making the hard choices.

17 January, 2006

NYT -- Communist since the 1920s

UPDATE: Here is the link to the Ukranian monument unveiled at Holodomor on 24 November 2006:

http://en.for-ua.com/news/2006/11/24/165713.html ---- deleted, but The Truth lives on here:


and here:


Some of his published lies:

--New York Times, December 9, 1932, page 6

"You can't make an omelet without breaking eggs."

--New York Times, May 14, 1933, page 18

"There is no actual starvation or deaths from starvation but there is widespread mortality from diseases due to malnutrition."

Others can be found here:


Walter Duranty: "The Biggest Liar in History"

The www seems to be "cleansing" us of The Truth by posting only "nice" pictures of this liar.

Responsible for the the starvation of 7,000,000 Ukranians. Read link above.

The New York Times has his picture on their "hall of shame". Reference: 1

16 January, 2006

Willy Pete

David Hackworth described The Truth in his book About Face as the clear and bright illumination by Willy Pete on a clear, moonless night. My copy is on loan.

-------------------- Does anyone recall the exact quote?

15 January, 2006

Communism is Evil

Back to The Truth. Here is a picture from the police museum at Taszár, Hungary. The AVH (Allam Vedelmi Hatosag), State Protecting Organization, generally also known as the AVO (Allam Vedelmi Osztag), State Protecting Special Group. They were responsible for the torture and attempts to "re-educate" Hungarians to enforce Comminist thinking on the populace. This is just one consequence of allowing communism into a society. If you do not wish to read The Bridge At Andau by James A. Michener, a shorter version will be found above by clicking the 3 dots and the title -- Communism is Evil.

It would be nice to get some feedback from this offer.

14 January, 2006

More Armor

Here is the promised picture of the HWMMV at Mosul in May, 2004 before the questions about "up armoring". This was on the base, which was not required by directive of use off base.

Not being in the Army, please, someone identify the calibre of the machine gun on the turret.

13 January, 2006

A Vietnam Veteran's thoughts

It has been quite a while for some, but they are "coming home". Here is an email from a VET I met at a Church Thanksgiving dinner:

"Some civilians do not understand what it took to be a career soldier, airman, sailor or marine. I have a navy friend that he and i have had words over people that cry over Nam they are crybabies he told me boy i told him in a hurry, that yes you were in Korea where u had 3 hots, a bunk with white sheets every day but i went 57 days without a hot meal no way out of the cold, 70 pounds on my back hiking mile after mile day and night and u just cried because u had watch on a cold night".

"The new generation just dose not seem to care what we went through, i do not care what service u were in u were away from home and loved ones, to the comfort oe setting arround the family table telling of the day u had or planning a fishing trip with the son and family, my first wife and the family were all outdoorsman the wife wanted the stars gor a roof cuddled up next to a warm fire in a sleeping bag listening for the masked bandit to arrive to see what was for eats, or hearing the snort of a Maine woods buck that has picked up our scent. Or getting a big salmon on the end of a fly rod, oh ya but the kids do not have to and most will not. oh ya we missed home no matter what we did in the service. Personally i would hate to think i did not go to war not only for my family but all the world to maby havge peace but that will never happen peace will never come .why? God said so. all for now" -- name withheld by request, but words with his permission.

Income Taxes

The Truth: Simple 5th grade math I taught in a "poor, disadvantaged rural school" . 130 million/75% of 280 million= 130/210= 60%. That means that 40% of the US population did not file an income tax-- even to declare $1-$5,000 ! See above IRS link for the year 2003.

Once again, certain people want others to do work for them. They scream the loudest about other people "owing them a living". My answer: Get to work! Donate blood, volunteer at a school, contribute to society; stop dragging it down.

The recent news about last month's US treasury increase may be another example of what happens when you do not punish work -- ie. tax those who contribute and work hard.

12 January, 2006

Christian Church

Here is the promised picture.
The Truth: The inside of the first new building on the base. Baptists, notice the full emersion baptismal tank in the background. There were stairs on both sides. This is the first time I have seen this part of a Church. My background is Presbyterian, PCA.

11 January, 2006


Today, a certain possible presidential candidate for 2008 has weighed in on this armor question.

The Truth: U. S. History-- A great U. S. Confederate General, Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson said, “When war does come, my advice is to draw the sword and throw away the scabbard.” Robert E. Lee, believed that the best defense is a good offense. He struck hard at McClellan, defeating him in a series of encounters known as the Seven Days Battles (June 26 - July 1, 1862). Ref: 1 2

At the battle of Poitiers, a brave but inefficient French King John lost his advantage of superior numbers by ordering his knights, weighted down with their armor, to dismount and advance on foot against the hail of English arrows.
Click ... Armor above to read more.

The Truth: In Mosul, Iraq, we had all the latest armor. My porcelan plate was dated April, 2004 and I initialed mine. We also had the neck and groin attachments.
There were times when wearing of the personal protective gear are directed. At other times, it was up to the individual, depending on his, or her protective posture and location

Today, in my opinion, a similar inefficient politician has interjected her opinion into the arena of military professionals. If we learned anything from Vietnam, it was to keep the politicians out of the business of war that involves the lives of fighting men.

10 January, 2006


Several countries have been involved with "re-writing history". The Japanese finally mentioned WW II in their textbooks just a few years ago. The Turks seem to be reluctant to mention what happened in 1915.
The Truth: I met and talked with a gentleman whose father fled Turkey and arrived in Iraq because it was safer! The son built the first new building on the base in Mosul, Iraq -- a church -- picture to follow soon.
I see that this blog is being viewed internationally just a few weeks after it has begun. Thanks.
Our country, the USA has been hit by quite a bit of this revisionism for the last 40+ years. It began slowly with a few, maybe legitimate adjustments, but has expanded to include what another person thinks you are thinking. Hungary 1945-1988: the secret police would arrest a person for reading an article in a professional magazine! Read: The Bridge at Andau.

This has got to stop, and stop it will when more people are empowered to tell the truth on the blogs and internet.

09 January, 2006


Is done constantly. I did it as a hall monitor, a bus duty monitor, a lunch monitor, we constantly monitored student's behavior, their speech and tried to anticipate problems. We were taught to "monitor and adjust". Today we have some political hacks who are niave, or worse, may have communist leanings. Today I heard that a 1950's singer was involved with giving an award to two convicted and executed spies--Ethyl and Julius Rosenberg. Too bad there wasn't enough monitoring going on then.
This fact leads back to the previous question: Are they naive, political hacks or communists?

See above link, and may I suggest Anne Coulter's Treason.

08 January, 2006

Geneva Convention

Here is a picture of what the insurgents did to our hospital at Mosul AB. This is what was left of the X-Ray room. Fortunately, no one was injured. Wouldn't it be nice if they were to sign the Geneva Convention, and then follow it. ---------- Enough said.

06 January, 2006

Made in the USA

"The People's Republic of China" is a misleading reference to Communist China.

There has been a rather spirited exchange lately concerning jobs being "outsourced" to China.

{While China denounced the action taken by the President, the principal sponsors in both Houses of the legislation to subject the 1994 extension of China's MFN status to additional conditions (Representative Pelosi and Senator Mitchell) expressed their satisfaction with the President's action as representing a sufficient step, and stated that further congressional action on their respective bills would be unnecessary. The linking of China's MFN status to overall human rights, however, was abandoned in mid-1994 when President Clinton renewed the China waiver taking into account only its statutory condition, namely, compliance with the freedom-of-emigration requirement of the Jackson-Vanik amendment. Subsequent legislative measures to disapprove the renewal or subject it again to broad human rights conditions failed. } see link associated with this title.

President Clinton, by exercising executive power essentially turned a blind eye to numerous human rights abuses and copywrite violations.

The Truth: During my tour of duty in Iraq, I saw, available for purchase, one day after "Spiderman II" was first shown in theaters, a DVD for $1. This would be a clear violation of copywrite, and in essence, software theft. Communist China has a violation record similar to other Asian Countries.

Look for the label that says Made in the USA when you buy products!
I can remember a similar slogan and song by the ILGWU that said something along the lines of "look for the union label". Too bad these union types don't renew that campaign now.

During the last Presidential campaign, I received a poster-flyer from some union out of Charleston, SC. It lamented the fact that many products are now made in China. I took out a black magic marker and wrote: "Tip -- don't buy this one, buy the one that says Made in the USA" !

The 9% contribution(s)

Many people seem to want others to do work for them. They complain that they are working for minimum wage, or below scale, etc. I have read a good smattering of blogs in the last week. The contributors do seem to be divided:

Kostria-Wingery Map

From the link above (click circles), a rough computation of 12+26=38% yields 62% available between 18 and 65 (~170 million). Divide this into 8+8 million (16 million) yields the 9%. That is less than one in ten people take the time to donate blood !!!

Blood Facts

The Truth: For all the hype about demanding that others are not paying enough or certain companies don't pay enough wages, etc, it appears that there is really a great disconnect with becoming part of the "village"--citizenship or community. Personally, I have donated around three gallons in my lifetime. I mostly saw similar people there donating blood in various locations. The working class, housewives, teachers, church members, policemen, clerks, but not many of those social elites who rail on about how we should all put in to our ability, contribute to society. I understand that a good percentage will be rejected because they have been involved with risky behavior, but Just where are they? If anyone has any statistics from the Red Cross or the American Association of Blood Banks, or works there, how about weighing in.

05 January, 2006

27 convictions in Operation Lost Trust

The truth -- on tape for all to see here in South Carolina in the late 90's.

The recent plea bargan from a lobbyist may lead to some convictions or guilty pleas.
It remains to be seen if there will be any connection, or quid pro quo as was documented here.

A refreshing change came to our legislature here as some legislators sold their influence directly for as little as $ 1,500.

04 January, 2006

NEA -- useless insulters

I visited Oahu, Hawai'i several years ago and observed in the Junior High School at Wai'anae. Having been a teacher, I was allowed into the teacher's lounge. In February, I overheard a conversation about how a student should be disciplined. They were trying to set up the rules! This was in a union state. In South Carolina, the rules were set up before school started, and generally followed through. At the time, they were called assertive discipline. That is, the student took responsibility for his or her behavior and essentially, choose their consequence related to their own actions. We have one of the strongest "tenure" laws here, without the need to pay tribute to an unwanted, unnecessary and ineffective union. The US Department of Education essentially pays NEA insulters to give "advice" to teachers. Many of these types have never taught in a regular classroom. I made it a point to ask them when they came. One person garnered her a nice position after spending one year in a "reading lab" and then skewing figures to "prove" that a certain type of method improved reading. Of course, she never taught first or last periods and did not follow the school's discipline plan. This is another case of the Federal government destroying the local school's discipline and indirectly, their teaching effectiveness.
Original post at the linked dots above at Say Anything.

03 January, 2006

100% Men

I just returned from a long round trip drive and a three hour session with the family support individual for a Batallion that had returned from a year's tour of duty in Iraq. Not one female was on the contact lists we worked on. This contrasts to the reported 10+% female participation rate in today's Army as reported in the news. After all the hype about wanting "a chance", we see the real results today. I also noticed in the news that a certain "preferred minority's" enlistment rate is about 1/2 of the previous year(s). Not speaking for everyone, but a certain sub-group of selected "minorities" seems to have an aversion for work. More facts and truth later. Any comments?

02 January, 2006


Rules Of Engagement

This is a moderated blog. It speaks The Truth. You will find first hand knowledge here or referenced facts.
Comments are welcome and encouraged. Let them reflect the same. Please refrain from bad language or profanity.

Today; Consequences of behavior should be sure, swift and fair. Waiting 20+ years to carry out punishment is too long.
Good behavior should also be rewarded closer to the time of the act. Some have waited 40+ years for their medals.

Any stories you have personally encountered positively or negatively?

01 January, 2006

Boldog u´j ´evet

Prosit Neujahr

In any language

Happy New Year 2006