18 February, 2007

Illegal Discrimination rears it's ugly head

It is alive and well in the USA. I encountered it myself last week.

Have you ever heard these phrases:

"We have never had one of those people apply before."

"We aren't sure our clients would come back if they saw one in the room."

"You can put in an application."

"Thank you for your application, but you are overqualified."

Any guesses?

09 February, 2007

Sleeping with the enemy

Few books contain factual information. One was Pearl Harbour: Final Judgement by Henry C. Clausen (2001). Declassified USA and Japanese transmissions that were decoded at the time show clearly who knew what, when.

Similarily, the Rosenbergs, through declassified documents were clearly guilty of Treason. See


Now, we find out that Ted Kennedy was involved in subversive activity, behind the back of President Reagan. Kennedy was wrong. He needed to keep this nose out of the business of the executive branch and the will of the people. Kennedy and his social-democrats act like communists. They need useful idiots to carry their water. I heard this story on the radio yesterday, and did some research myself. The link above contains the original KGB document.