13 August, 2007

Helpless in New Orleans

Perhaps an old story, but one that seems destined to drag on for decades. Some "victims" are still living in lavish motels on my taxpayer supported money and may still be living there a decade or more from now.

We have all heard and seen the lies by the main-stream media about how "George Bush" caused the hurricane and even blew up levies and "left people to die"! Lies. The local "authorities" were responsible for leaving the victims.

Now for more Truth: Just this last weekend, I met with a volunteer group of pilots. Several of them said that they flew to New Orleans the day after the story passed. Over four hundred (400) private planes with pilots donated their time, money and aircraft to assist in emergency evacuation like the English did for Dunkirk.


One pilot said, "after waiting three days -- THREE DAYS !! -- most finally said that if they were not needed, they were going home." The one pilot then said, "they finally gave me a dog. A DOG! He flew it to some "shelter" in another state.

These people did not want to be helped. They would then have lost their "victim" status and would forfit their "right" to complain. They are children:


They are not adults, nor do they or probably never will. It is much easier "playing" the child who can complain and never be responsible for his or her actions.