29 November, 2006

Take aways

Here is a true story. I will change a little bit the names and places to protect the innocent.

Scene: a public library
One teacher in charge who is very competent and communicated the rules well in advance.
About a dozen participants. Each young person (age 1-2) was held by one adult -- parent or legal guardian.

During the half-hour session, the teacher passed out small plastic rattles so the children could participate in rhythm.

One child-X left his on the large rug. Onother child-Z tripped and dropped his and the X person immediately grabbed it, took it, and moved away with it. Z was reaching for his rattle when X took it. Z persued the rattle in X's hand. I watched as X went to his guardian-female type. She saw me looking at the situation and said, "oh, is this his"? I said, "yes". She took it from X and gave it to Z. I said thanks...

It gets better. X went and found Z's rattle and brought it to him. He didn't take it! She did for him...

The above illustrates what liberals want to do. All the "children" -- each get an object 'free'-- either money, or transportation, or food, or housing, or education. Most don't really want this, but they will try to take away that which Zs get, or earn for themselves. It is not about money, "the poor" or anything else like that. It is about morals and character. No amount of money can help these people. Only spiritual guidance can. This is what are in the public schools today: Xs and those who pamper them.

23 November, 2006


One hundred and two Pilgrims spent 66 days crossing the ocean on the Mayflower. They landed at Plymouth in November of 1620. Bitter cold soon arrived. Death came with it. Forty-seven of the 102 Pilgrims died that winter.

The turning point for the small colony occurred in mid-March 1621 when an Indian appeared at the door of their meeting house. His name was Samoset. He spoke perfect English, and told of a barbarous tribe, the Patuxets. They had been wiped out by a mysterious plague a few months prior to the Pilgrim's arrival leaving only the friendly and peacefu Wampanoags in the area.

Samoset left, but returned with one of the Patuxets--Squanto. He had been taken away from his tribe at the time of the plague, captured and taken to England and educated, captured by a slave trader, but rescued by monks. While staying with them, he accepted the Christian faith. He found his way back to the area where the Patuxets once lived, and taught the Pilgrims how to plant Indian corn which became the staple of their food supply. He also showed them how to fish and plant pumpkins among the corn.

In the fall after the harvest, the Pilgrims wanted to set aside a day to thank God for His privision and for Squanto and the friendly and helpful Wampanoags. So in October 1621, Governor Bradford declared a day of public Thanksgiving. He invited the Massasoit, the chief of the Wampanoags, who arrived a day early with 90 Indians. They brought deer, wild turkeys and popcorn.

Our holiday became official in 1863 when Abraham Lincoln declared it a national holiday to be celebrated each year on the last Thursday of November.

This Thanksgiving, I hope you will take a moment ot reflect on how God has richly blessed this country and its people.

12 November, 2006

Memo for Record

National debt to the penny on 11/06/2006, the day before the Democrats regained the congress: $8,588,334,984,400.64
And the national debt as a percentage of GDP: about 34% http://www.aaas.org/spp/rd/debt06b.pdf

The average price of gasoline: $2.20 average in the USA. http://www.sandiegocitysearch.com/news/business/20061106-1358-gasolineprices.html

Unemployment: 4.4% http://stats.bls.gov/news.release/empsit.nr0.htm

Last report by the US Treasury: "Tax receipts up11.7% on top of last year’s 14.6% increase. (Last updated: October 12, 2006)"
http://www.treas.gov/economic-plan/ Published: http://www.treas.gov/press/releases/reports/memostyle.pdf

Attacks by our enemy since we were attacked on September 11, 2001: ZERO

In two years, I will review this Memo and compare with what the Democratics in congress improve on or worsen.

I hope that those who voted for the Democrats will have long memories. If not, this memo will be a historical record.

09 November, 2006

Ballots instead of bullets

I will stand by my earlier statements. The people have spoken. In our democratic republic, differences of opinion are settled by ballots instead of bullets, not torture and intimidation as in Communist countries.

They do not have peace, they do not have freedom.

Extremist Islamo-Facists are racist, even more so than the NAZIs of the 1930s.

The newly elected Democratis will now have to reveal their secret plan to provide for the common defense of our country from those who attacked us on 9/11/01. To those who elected them with ballots, I hope you have some bullets on hand when the Social Democrats fail to defend you from foreign enemies-Al Qaeda and domestic enemies-Gangs. We still have the second amendment to fall back on in case of attack until Chuck tries to take away our guns like they did in New Orleans where the good citizens were exposed to the dark side of our country--roving gangs.

05 November, 2006


The platform of the Democratic party before the 1864 elections, called for a cease-fire. For those who did not pay attention in public schools, this was during our Civil War in the United States of America. Abraham Lincoln had delivered his Gettysburg Address and Emancipation proclimation, freeing the slaves. The Democrats did not want to continue the war, and by extension, free the slaves.

The Democrats in the United States of America now want to do the same with our war on Islamic-Facism in 2006. They want to give up even though none of their elitist sons are vulnerable for the draft like they were in New York in 1864 during draft riots there. These people would have us cut and run from our valiant, noble efforts to free the peoples of Iraq and hopefully the rest of the Mid-East from their masters, the mullahs, the 10% in Iran who are enslaving the rest of their country. My only prayer is that the scales would be lifted from our electorate on November 7th. Vote.

02 November, 2006

The Real John Kerry

Has shown his spots again. Even a third grade student understood that he was 'dissing' the military.

Democrats do not support our military. They do not support the USA. They do not support the free exercise of religion or even the mention of God on the public square. They support the communist ACLU. Vote this coming Tuesday.